Monday, January 12, 2009

Voinovich to Retire....Who will be next

We all saw it coming, it has been historically difficult for an Ohio Republican to be elected to a third term, after seeing Ohio go Blue this last election and other political circumstances it was a good decision made by Voinovich to retire before the 2010 election.
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I have some speculation as to who may be running for the seat in 2010, but rumors will be abundant in the next few days, of that I am sure. Who do you think it will be?!?

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  1. Rob Portman has called dibs for the republicans.

    lee fisher or tim ryan. I think itwill be lee fisher, he has governor Strickland's backing plus the war chest that Strickland will be able to help lt gov fisher raise. It's going to take around 25 million to win the race. However, fisher is known for loosing several state wide elections since 1994.
    As for congressmen Tim Ryan, we can bring up the BG incident.
    Zack Space the accidental congressmen, who has not had a formidable opponent. Remember how he got elected???
    Paul Hackett is a name to watch. Who could raise the money through But if he could win, he would of ran against "mean jean".